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what is Housettel?

HOUSETTEL is a web portal where we gather all the new-build housing available in Spain so that you can see, compare, consult and decide how many of them are of interest.

how does Housettelwork?

HOUSETTEL contacts the people in charge of developments, obtains all the necessary information, and offers it on its web. Once you find what you like, you can contact HOUSETTEL so that we start our process:

assessment of the areawe gather all the information and present you with the facts, so that you can objectively make a decision. So that you know the good things and the bad things about each place.

we inform you about everything, construction start and finish dates, legal advice, tax and finance, we present different payment alternatives... whatever you need!

HOUSETTEL arranges utilities for you in the property that you buy, transmits your legal documents, including your residence permit, and resolves your doubts quickly and efficiently.

And it costs you absolutely nothing.

Choose between millions of new properties in Spain

Where would you like to have your house?

how much does it cost?

Nothing. The user will not pay one cent more than if they dealt directly with the office of these new-build developments. The agreement that HOUSETTEL has is with the promoters, and HOUSETTEL has no vested interest in if you choose one house or another: we are objective and all we want is your satisfaction.



only new-builds

Where would you like to have your house?
Where would you like to have your house?

the team

people who are going to help you

With HOUSETTEL you will have a person who will help you from the start, whether you require a school or a gym, if you want a quiet area far from noise, or you prefer a good public transport system. We know the areas, the neighbourhoods, the customs...and we want to advise you in something which up to now has never been answered for you: what is the area really like where I want to buy my new home?