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France, in Europe, has an area of 643 801 square kilometres, equivalent to 248 571 square miles.

France has a population of 67 158 008 million inhabitants, with a density of 116 inhabitants per square kilometre, equivalent to 44.78 inhabitants per square mile.

Its capital is Paris and its currency is euro.

The annual rate of change in the CPI in France is around 1.2%, an approximated value, which gives a measure of the revaluation or devaluation of its currency, and of the investments made in the country.

The unemployment rate, information which helps us to assess the employment opportunities in the country is 8.8%.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) allows us to calculate the per capita income, which in France 's case is 35 100 Euros per inhabitant, equivalent to 43 500 dollars per person. This figure, obtained by dividing the GDP by the number of inhabitants, allows us to get an idea of the buying power of the inhabitants and indicates average living costs in the country.

In France the official language is French. The most used is French.

According to the office of the United Nations against drugs and crime, the country´s crime rate is 1.35, meaning

Information of interest and practical questions:
Concerning the obtaining of resident permits (Golden Visa) for investors in the country, France has this option and the minimum amount required is 10 000 000 euros

In France you drive on the right for which reason vehicles have the steering wheel on the left.

The country´s electrical current is 220 volts with general character.

The maximum duration of a tourist visa is 90 days. If you wish to stay longer you must request a specific visa.

Normally any country´s driving licence is valid, although we recommend that you check the specific conditions depending on your nationality and age, especially if you wish to rent a vehicle. If you wish to settle in Spain you must approach the authorities to enquire about the exchange.

To guarantee real estate transactions, ask us. France counts upon professionals who guarantee the legitimacy of real estate transactions.

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