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Apartments for golf lovers and tranquility


1 bedroom
1 bathroom
70 m2
From 171,000

Apartments for golf lovers and tranquility is a new housing development in Mijas village belonging to Málaga province and located to the southeast of nation.

One of the main attractions of this development is its distance from the city centre, which give it all the same advantages as Mijas without disadvantages such as lack of parking and city centre overcrowding.

This development “Apartments for golf lovers and tranquility stands out in Mijas”, it is defined by the name that we have chosen for it.

This group of new houses possesses a good. level of access.

Likewise the energy efficiency gains a good grade. The energy rating is a piece of information that defines the construction model, and which involves the use of building materials and elements, which influence the rating given here.
As a standard we use national and international grades.

On the map that we provide of this development, indicating where this group of new houses will be built, you can select the different choices available, in order to determine the distance which separates them. This way, if you desire, you can see the location of chemists, schools or a supermarket, you only have to select it from the options and voilà!

As a result of being brand new, this development “Apartments for golf lovers and tranquility in Mijas”, benefits from the guarantees which the law requires promoters of new build developments to follow in Spain, and they will be willing to do what is required in the country.

We also offer you the most relevant information about Mijas in the municipality tabs: climatology, public services, communications, criminality... at HOUSETTEL we want you to take everything into account before you make such an important decision as buying a house.

You can learn more about any question related to this new houses in Mijas, you only have to ask us for more information and one of our team will reply to you with the necessary information. All you need to do is fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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