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Tarragona is located to the east of Tarragona in Spain. It consists of a community with a surface area of 63000000 m², and has a high population density.


Tarragona possesses a(n) excellent transport network which makes travelling in that area easy. It provides the following public transport options:

Rail transport.
Inter-urban buses.
Urban buses


Tarragona has a excellent access to the telecommunication network, which is undoubtedly advanced for those who wish to be able to communicate via ADSL and/or fibre optic.

Health services

The healthcare in Tarragona is excellent, providing services via public and private healthcare centres, Given the importance of this sector, in each HOUSETTEL property development we provide an interactive map in which you can choose the healthcare centre section and check how far away they are located and how many there are in the area near the development.


The ideal way to learn about the amount of educational centres, the type of education provided, the ages and training modes, etc. is by choosing one of the developments in the area that you are most interested in and selecting the option on the map for educational establishments: schools, universities, etc. If this information is important to you, there is no better way than discovering the convenience of each development depending on your interests.


Tarragona, in addition to the above, is well known for other attributes which make up its leisure facilities, and which are:

aquatic activities (surfing, diving, kite and wind surfing, boats, water skiing, etc).
recreational activities (casinos, discos, theme parks, etc).
its gastronomy.
its architectural heritage.
its popular festivals.
and its cultural heritage (architecture, archaeology and/or history).


The crime rate that is provided is an unreliable factor, but it gives a general idea of the safety of Tarragona. The information provided is regarding criminal offences per number of inhabitants and homicide rates.
The reference data provided is of the country, and is a 0.7.

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